Once Upon A Time…

There was a little, mostly unfollowed Blog about guitars, three guitars really, administered by me; The Guitarmourer. This site sat at the bottom of the Internet until I got bored of looking at it.

Dirty, unloved and unread.

Times went by, water passed under bridges, scars healed, people were born, died, got jobs and probably did all sorts of other stuff. Then one day I looked down at the muddy patch of compacted silt where the blog used to sit, staring up at the world that was ignoring it, I wept. Not literally, I just missed it a bit.

So here it is again. Unfortunately the posts were purged long ago so will need to be re-written is as much detail as I can remember, luckily I still have the photos somewhere, but there’s a whole host of other stuff to add to it now, so over the next few weeks and months I’ll put a few reviews, write-ups and photos of some of the odd little monsters that have passed through the Guitarmoury. Maybe there’ll be something that interests you? maybe not, who knows. You’ll have to read to find out.

Peace Brothers and Sisters.