1980-ish Kay – Neck Thru

Back in 2016 ish I found this guitar in The shop of Broken Dreams, otherwise known as Cash Generator. Everyone’s favourite ‘hard-times-a-knockin-and-i-need-me-baccy’ shop. Reasonably priced and looking lovely.


The guitar itself was in pretty good nick, fretboard needed a clean and the brass (of which there was much) needed a polish but otherwise it was a super tidy example.

Due to the build style it’s very easy to mistake these guitars for their high-end Matsumoku cousins, alas, it is not. there’s a few giveaways; the bridge is sharp and nasty, the electronics budget. However, that doesn’t mean these can’t hold their own. the feature set is great, pickups sound wonderful, Ash 5 piece neck-thru construction is comparable to many things worth many, many times more and it’s actually a joy to play. If you find one; bag it.